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Are you feeling overwhelmed by life–barely keeping your head above water?

Don’t despair! You hold a life preserver in your hand. You’re just one choice away from correcting the trajectory of your life. Your journey toward freedom begins the moment you choose to stand up and face your life with courage.

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If you have been searching for a way out of wherever you are or whatever you are going through — Ann White provides a path and a process to take the next best step to a better life, the life God has made you for and called you to.

Steve Arterburn – Founder of New Life Ministries and host of the #1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling program “New Life Live!” heard and watched by over 2 million people each week.

Honest. Transparent. Vulnerable. Courageous. Encouraging. Insightful. These are some of the words that came to my mind as I read my friend Ann White’s book. This book is going to bless and help a lot of people.

Daniel L. Akin, President Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Wake Forest, NC

Ann White’s story is an inspiration to those who choose to do the hard things in marriage, rather than take the easy way out. This demonstration of one wife’s courageous determination to trust God’s truth, bathed in His grace, prove trust and obedience can overcome the deceiver who delights in crushing Christian marriages.

Secretary Sonny and Mary Perdue, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life–barely
keeping your head above water?

Don’t despair! You hold a life preserver in your hand.
You’re just one choice away from correcting the trajectory of your life. Your journey toward freedom begins the moment you choose to stand up and face your life with courage.

In Courage For Life, author Ann White shares with authenticity and raw emotion the story of how she walked away from a life steeped in dysfunction to a life restored in God’s grace. With honesty, kindness, and vulnerability, she provides step-by-step direction and proven guidance through seven intentional, doable steps that will ultimately alter your life, no matter what difficult situation you’re experiencing.

With courage, you’ll learn to:

  • Celebrate freedom from your fears.
  • Experience the power and joy of intentional, healthy choices.
  • Replace the guise of perfectionism with authenticity.
  • Say yes or no with firmness and love.
  • Rebuild a healthy marriage and establish strong relationships with family & friends.
  • Stop hiding behind walls of shame and insecurity.
  • Step courageously into the life God created for you.

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Courage For Life

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She is Strong and Courageous

Ann White

Ann White’s “Courage for Life” is just the beginning for the Marietta, Georgia woman whose goal is to make sure women’s voices and needs are heard and met. “When we study God’s Word, we see God for who he truly is and sincerely grasp how much he loves us,” says Ann, whose book and companion workbooks detail, in easily digestible fashion, simple steps for learning how to embrace and incorporate God into everyday life.

“I’d tried everything on my own to fix my life, my circumstances, and everyone around me. I never considered fixing myself because I didn’t have that view: I couldn’t see the forest for the trees,” she recalls.  With the help of God’s Word and a Godly counselor, Ann overcame the obstacles of her past and for the first time, fully embraced her true freedom in Christ Jesus.

Her experience spurred her to write the Scripture-driven Courage for Life, which is “the book that I needed to read — but that I couldn’t find” says Ann. It includes seven practical steps that make up the word ‘COURAGE,’ the steps Ann took that completely changed her life.

The need to have resources available to help women build their relationship with God drives her to create such things as the first female-voiced audio Bible, entering a field that includes about 3,000 male-voiced versions, she says. The female voice is important to her mission, which has reached behind bars as well as in church pews. “One thing in working with at-risk women, it’s important to use gender-specific treatment. You don’t put a woman who may have been traumatized by a man with a male counselor or a male-voiced program.”

In addition, she is currently working with Tyndale House Publishers on a “Women’s Study Bible,” printed volume with the bottom part of each page containing lessons to inspire thought, discussion and practical application. “We should be sharing God and his word, teaching other people, and inspiring life change. Everyone needs a daily dose of God-given Courage For Life!” says Ann.

“God is waiting, arms open wide, saying ‘I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, just come to me.’”

"There are millions of people living in fear, unable to gather the courage to change their lives. Whether you’re experiencing that fear, struggling with change, or simply stuck in your life or career, this is a must read. "
  • Phil Cooke, Ph.D. - Filmmaker, media consultant, and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do."
"In a world starving for authenticity, Ann White had the courage to be transparent with her story so that you, too, could walk in genuine courage. Her book, Courage For Life, will guide you to live in truth with strength and dignity."
  • Kathrine Lee, Life & Business Strategist, Founder of Pure Hope Foundation
"Courage for Life will keep you spellbound and hopeful as Ann shares her real-life story partnered with some practical steps she learned while allowing God to redeemed her broken life; save her failing marriage; and claim her life fully for His service. "
  • Pat Layton, Author Surrendering the Secret and Life Unstuck

Teaching Series

Click to watch Ann’s teaching series on YouTube.

The Study of John

Explore who Jesus is through this chapter by chapter study of the Book of John. Ann White shares insight to help you gain confidence, hope and help for life through the word of God.

Courage For Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life and barely keeping your head above water? Don't despair! You're just one choice away from correcting the trajectory of your life. Join Ann White in this 12-week book study using the Courage for Life book and study guide.

She is Strong and Courageous

Do you ever wish you were stronger in your faith? Courage is something most of us want. It’s an attribute that helps us venture outside our comfort zone to embrace opportunities and explore possibilities beyond the normal sphere of who we are. It’s the faith booster we need to make healthy decisions that move us toward the God-given dreams for our lives and our relationships.


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